Captain Cristobal Maurice Hensley

Captain, USS Faleiro NCC-7100


Cristobal Maurice Hensley was born on Earth in the Earth year 2336. Both his father, Lenard, and mother, Kalyn, held administrative posts in Starfleet Command. As such, Cris’ early years were spent as what many would characterize as a “Starfleet brat” — living in one starbase after another as his parents steadily climbed their respective career ladders. When Cris was 15, his father was awarded a coveted position at Starfleet Command in San Francisco as Vice Chief of Starfleet Operations. His mother took a position at Starfleet Academy teaching Warp Field Dynamics. It was expected that Cris would follow in his parents’ footsteps and share in their success by attending Starfleet Academy then pursuing an administrative or teaching position with Starfleet in San Francisco.

However, things did not turn out as his parents expected. Shortly after settling in San Francisco, Cris began to get into the kind of trouble that would normally keep a candidate out of the academy — bad grades, brawling, drinking, and other forms of general juvenile delinquency. This culminated in the theft of the Chief of Starfleet Operations Commander Steiger’s vintage Tesla Roadster for a joyride in the Marin Headlands — a stunt that ended in a car chase, incarceration, and a charge of Grand Theft Auto (later dropped).This should have surely kept Cris out of the academy had Commander Steiger not been astounded that Cris was able to commandeer the vehicle and exit Starfleet Command without alerting anyone or setting off a single alarm. Commander Steiger was further astounded upon examining the Tesla’s log. The speeds sustained during the joyride were extremely impressive — and equally reckless — even more so considering that Cris had supposedly never driven a car before.

Captain Cristobal Maurice Hensley

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