Lt. Commander Tal Duron

Chief Engineer, USS Faleiro NCC-7100


Species/Trait: Trill


Control 10 | Fitness 8 | Presence 10 | Daring 8 | Insight 9 | Reason 11


Command 4 | Security 1 | Science 3 | Conn 1 | Engineering 5 | Medicine 2

Focuses: Graviton Beams, Composure, Holographic Imaging, Physics, History, Warp Engines


  • Nothing Beats Practical Experience
  • Holds Himself And Others To High Standards
  • Always Be Willing To Improvise
  • The Safety Of The Ship Is Paramount


  • Former Initiate – You joined the Initiate Program, hoping to be chosen by the Symbiosis Commission to become Joined. As there are far more Initiates than there are Symbionts, you were one of the many who failed, but the quality of even a failed initiate is enough for Starfleet to recruit you. When you attempt a Task using Control or Reason, and spend Determination to buy a bonus d20 for that Task, you may re-roll your dice pool. Former Initiate cannot be taken if the character has the Joined Talent — they are mutually exclusive.
  • Jury-Rig – Whenever you attempt an Engineering Task to perform repairs, you may reduce the Difficulty by two, to a minimum of 0. If you do this, however, then the repairs are only temporary and will last only a single scene, plus one additional scene per Momentum spent (Repeatable) before they fail again. Jury-rigged repairs can only be applied once, and the Difficulty to repair a device that has been Jury-rigged increases by 1.
  • Intense Scrutiny – Whenever you succeed at a Task using Reason or Control as part of an Extended Task, you may ignore up to two Resistance for every Effect rolled.
  • Technical Expertise – Whenever you attempt a Task assisted by the ship’s Computers or Sensors, you may re-roll one d20 (which may be the ship’s die).


  • Stress: 9
  • Resistance: 0


  • Phaser, Type 2 (Ranged, Size 1H, Charge), Damage Rating: 3CD

Lt. Commander Tal Duron

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