USS Faleiro NCC-7100

The USS Faleiro NCC-7100 is a Constellation-class Exploratory Cruiser named in honor of Rui (Ruy) Faleiro, the Portuguese cosmographer, astrologer, and astronomer who was the principal scientific organizer behind Magellan's circumnavigation of the world. Constructed at the Copernicus Ship Yards on Luna between 2298 and 2300, the Faleiro has undergone several refits during her storied service of deep space exploration. The ship's dedication plaque reads, The sea is dangerous and its storms terrible, but these obstacles have never been sufficient reason to remain ashore…

Service History:
Beginning in 2300, J.B. Stiles commanded the USS Faleiro for four five-year missions of deep-space exploration. In that time the Faleiro underwent two 18-month refits at the Copernicus Ship Yards on Luna. Following Captain Stiles' promotion and reassignment to Starfleet Headquarters on Earth, his First Officer, Nino Puzzo, assumed command of the Faleiro. For the next thirty years, Captain Puzzo commanded the Faleiro exploring the outermost reaches of known space. When war broke out between the Federation and the Cardassian Union, Starfleet recalled the Faleiro from her peaceful mission of exploration. The Faleiro served with distinction in that decades-long conflict until Captain Puzzo's death in 2355 during a confrontation with two Cardassian warships. After substantial repairs, Captain Levi assumed command of the Faleiro.

In the 2360s, the Federation's conflict with the Cardassian's came to an end without a formal peace treaty. The next several years saw the Faleiro on patrol duty along the contested Federation-Cardassian border. Weary of this recent war and the losses suffered at Wolf-359 from the Borg threat, the Federation was at a cross-roads. The newly commissioned Intrepid-class starship, USS Voyager, designed for exploration, was assigned to the Cardassian border. Exploration for Starfleet had become something of an afterthought. When Starfleet promoted Cristobal Maurice Hensley to Captain, they offered him the USS Sentinel, a heavily armed Akira-class patrol ship but he turned it down. Instead, Captain Hensley lobbied hard for a deep-space assignment. He argued that the Federation had to put recent clashes behind them and return to peaceful exploration of the galaxy. And so, in 2371, the USS Faleiro, came full circle, returning to her original purpose: an extended, deep-space exploratory mission.

Affiliation: United Federation of Planets
Launched: 2300
Class: Constellation
Registry: NCC-7100
Auxiliary craft: Several shuttlecraft and 2 Runabouts
Armaments: Phaser Banks, Photon Torpedoes
Defenses: Deflector Shield Grid
Power: Dilithium-focused matter/anti-matter reaction chamber
Crew: 112


USS Faleiro NCC-7100

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