Humanity always wondered what was out there, beyond our world, in the vastness of space. After one of the most horrific and catastrophic wars in Human history, it was our curiosity about the stars that inspired hope and united the planet to rebuild to make a better world for everyone.

Out in the stars we discovered strange new worlds and new civilizations. We formed an alliance, the United Federation of Planets, with a handful of civilizations and vowed to share our technology to create Starfleet — joined in a mission of peaceful exploration and united defense.

Starfleet ventured further into deep space. Our wonder drove us to boldly go where no one had gone before. Even now, in the Earth year 2371, we have only charted a quarter of the hundred billion stars and potential planetary systems in our Galaxy.

The stardate is 48000. Your destination is Starbase 364, Narendra Station, a staging post for expeditions deep into an area of the Galaxy that has, until now, only been mapped by automated survey probes — The Shackleton Expanse.

Your deep-space assignment aboard the USS Faleiro NCC-7100 is an extended exploratory mission into this great unexplored mass of the galaxy.




Star Trek Adventures

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