Junior Lieutenant Tahna Laren

Chief Security Officer, Tactical Officer, USS Faleiro NCC-7100


Species/Trait: Bajoran


Control 9 | Fitness 9 | Presence 8 | Daring 11 | Insight 10 | Reason 9


Command 2 | Security 4 | Science 2 | Conn 3 | Engineering 3 | Medicine 2

Focuses: Interrogation, Hand-to-hand Combat, Hand Phasers, Survival, Triage, Uniform Code of Justice


  • Protect the weak
  • No stranger to violence
  • Always prepared, always vigilant
  • The good of the many outweigh the needs of the few


  • Untapped Potential – The character’s is inexperienced, but talented and with a bright future in Star eet. The character may not have or increase any Attribute above 11, or any Discipline above 4 while they have this Talent (and may have to adjust Attributes and Disciplines accordingly at the end of character creation). Whenever the character succeeds at a Task for which they bought one or more additional dice with either Momentum or Threat, they may roll 1 . The character receives bonus Momentum equal to the roll of the, and adds one point to Threat if an Effect is rolled. The character cannot gain any higher rank than lieutenant (junior grade) while they possess this Talent.
  • Close Protection – When you make a successful Attack, you may spend one Momentum to protect a single ally within Close range. The next Attack against that ally before the start of your next turn increases in Difficulty by 1.
  • Dauntless – Whenever you attempt a Task to resist being intimidated or threatened, you may add a bonus d20 to your dice pool.
  • Orb Experience – You have received a vision from the Bajoran Prophets through one of the Orbs. This rare experience, though confusing at first, has shaped your life and outlook. You have one additional Value, reflecting the insights you received from the experience. The first time this Value is Challenged, roll 1; if an Effect is rolled, then some foretold element of the Orb Experience has come to pass, and the Value is not crossed out as it would normally be.


  • Stress: 13
  • Resistance: 0


  • Phaser, Type 2 (Ranged, Size 1H, Charge), 4 Challenge Dice

Junior Lieutenant Tahna Laren

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